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Growing up in a hardworking family, all Stephen know is that if he shows up, work hard in his 9 – 5 job, be happy with his yearly bonus, then he will be successful… and he has done just that and got the success that he was after.

Numerous yearly overseas work trips, flying at the front, managing people in US, Asia, Europe, etc. increased $24 million profit for businesses, etc. Those were amazing times, experiencing life at a higher level.

There were hard times too, like when Stephen would come home to his family feeling frustrated, angry, extremely stressful, burnt out… and it’s no surprised that Stephen said to his wife that he had to quit. It was affecting his health, his relationship with his family and no money is worth enough.

He knew there had to be a better way to live and imagined what that looks like. After a few deep reflections, he wondered: what if he didn’t quit? What if, instead, he changed his focus by helping businesses grow stronger and smarter?

Stephen invested over 17 years behind the banking scene, gained his deep knowledge and skills, during the time he watched and observed all the mistakes businesses make, including the mistakes that no one tells you about.

He also gained wide knowledge on effective front to back processes and he made it relevant for your business to sustain profit and growth.

Sharing these in his coaching programs, his clients gained massive successes. 

Stephen is BIG on making impacts to change the lives of business owners, making our community better for us and the next generation. This drives Stephen to constantly looking to upskill and grow, and to date he has invested over $140,000 learning from successful business owners & coaches. Some of them includes Scott Harries, Michelle Bridges, Siri Lindley, Richmond Dinh, Tony Kaye, Dave Cattle, Jay Abraham, Mike Agugliaro.

He believes that to grow your business by 10x, you need you grow yourself by 20x.

That’s Stephen Story, perhaps part of it is similar to your story.

Here’s the good news: Stephen Soo Coaching is here for you…


Next Step

If your business is stagnant and need to breakthrough to the next level, Stephen was there.

If you are looking for higher growth and capitalize greater opportunities, Stephen was there. 

If you want to achieve more and find greater integration between your business and personal life, you’ve arrived at the best place to get what you want

Here are 3 steps to get you moving forward quickly:


If there's anything Stephen can do to support you on your business journey, or if you have any questions about any of Stephen's programs or workshop, please don't hesitate to get in touch.


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