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Success Stories

“Working with Stephen helped me accelerate my goals 10x. Not only have I achieved most of them before we ended our Coaching process, but I actually surpassed them.

I have gained much more confidence in myself and am absolutely sure that I wouldn't be anywhere close to where I am today, if it hadn't been for Stephen.

He is 100% committed to making you win and supporting you no matter what. Thank you! 🙏"

Olga Mueller

“Stephen has helped me achieve some amazing goals that I thought were unreachable.

I found talking to Stephen about my job helped me gain more of an understanding as to exactly what I want, he helped unlock answers by deconstructing my thoughts and giving me a process to move in the right direction.

I recommend Stephen Soo Coaching to anyone thats looking to unlock their potential and put it into practice!"

Talon Buxton

“Looking back it has been an amazing journey having Stephen as my coach for the last 6 months.

We have gone from identifying the big 'whys' of achieving my goal, to turning any negative into a positive by reframing the situation. Stephen has constantly challenged me to do things which are outside of my comfort zone to push my boundaries. But my biggest takeaway is Stephen's process of holding me accountable for my own outcomes.

With that to bear in mind, there's almost no room for a victim mentality. Stephen, thank you very much for being my coach and I am grateful for all the work you've done.”

Justin Ong

"Hey Stephen, you are the most amazing transformational coach I’ve ever worked with.

Throughout your coaching and guidance, all the learnings were just amazing and I can’t recommend you highly enough.

Through your coaching, my clarity has never been clearer, my communication improved, challenged me to think bigger, pouring energy into what I love doing and making it a reality and , I never felt overwhelmed at any stage. I have achieved more in this 3 months that I would thought possible."

Kat Allen

“Huge shout out to Stephen. I have been in business for more than 20 years, and I have read so many business growth books throughout the years and what I gained from Stephen’s profit workshop has been mind boggling.

After just 7 days, I am astounded with the 33% profit growth opportunities to my business. Thank you Stephen for educating and inspiring me to challenge myself to grow my business to an exponential level."

Ivana Smith

"Hey Stephen, WOW! My mind is blown with the amount of transformations I’ve had since started with your amazing coaching.

You coached me on what I needed most, provided unconditional support throughout the whole time and I never once felt overwhelmed with your coaching and that’s important for me. It got me taking action, making progress and growth to an incredible 800%!

All in just 2.5 months!!

Thank you Stephen, for getting me and understanding me."

Jenny Pham

“After 2 months working with Stephen, I've gone from a place of doubt and overwhelm to a place of certainty and ease. It sounds too good to be true, but it's real! For the first time ever I have a plan for how i will hit my ambitious $ goals in 2022 and it's by working less, not more! I honestly couldn't be happier that this is possible for me!! I have also just 2X growth in my business this month and there's so much more where that came from 🤩 🥳

The thing I love about working with Stephen is that he is as committed to your success as you are. He doesn't let you fail, so its a no brainer. Whatever you want, he'll make sure you get it. It's the best!!!"

Emily Edgeley

"I connected with you through your amazing content and mindset. You resonates with me in a lot of ways. 

You are really intuitive and saw right through me that I was holding myself back based on my fear. I have had massive breakthroughs since then and with your amazing coaching decided to do something completely different. 

You have a gift to understand and have the power to really drill down to what we really have in our heart. I was surprised, amazed and mind blown and would not have got the amazing result, if not because of your coaching." 

Jeeshan Rahman 

“I have been in business and growing my practice since 2005. Over the years, I have had many coaches, mentors and have done many courses and what Stephen brought to the table in his workshop was different ways of thinking and through that I learnt so much and gained so much clarity. Stephen helped me to draw out the information, unpack it, reorganised it and turn it into a clear roadmap. 

As a result, I found new ways to increase my profit by 330%! 

It’s absolutely brilliant and I can’t wait to implement all these amazing changes. What an incredible opportunity for any business owners looking to grow their profit. My advice: Seize the opportunity and give it a really good go."

Becky Chen

"I’ve been coached by Stephen for 5 months with a goal to have massive progression in my work. Part of the coaching includes training my team. Throughout these 5 amazing months, consistently gained new insights, great level of growth and awakenings that credits to him asking great quality questions. Simple questions, yet profound. What made it amazing too was to be guided by Stephen to integrate parenting with work to achieve greater synergies. 

Stephen openness to sharing what is considered trade secrets so my team and I get to fast track transformation, and we did, evidenced through significant result improvements, is a testament to the person he is and his values.

Super grateful to you Stephen and let’s keep rocking!"

Kumaran Sambanthan

“Shout out to Stephen Soo, I attended his Profit Workshop and realise how much scope for improvements there is in what I do.

I have work for over 20 years in the eastern Melbourne suburbs assisting people in buying and selling property and I run my own Real Estate agency since 2018. From Stephen's workshop, I could see the potential that I could tap into and improve my services to my clients. Glad to say I am on my way now with Stephen as my business coach.

Joseph Yap

"I didn’t have the clarity needed to run a sustainable business and through working with you Stephen, I had more clarity as to where my business was headed and learnt the necessary skills on chasing my dream. You gave me the guidance I required, kept me on track through to the end, helped me to think strategically and overcome the issues I faced. Not just that, as a result of working with you Stephen, I broke away from 8+ years of intense anxiety and depression! and to now communicate effectively with other business people.

You became a great role model, trusted support and took me from strength to strength!

Amy Aquilini

"I would like to express my gratitude for the great work you did to help me make a big progress in my business.

Starting my business last year during 2021, in the midst of COVID, it was challenging as a sole trader myself.

Thanks to your sessions, I felt motivated and supported in my business. I am grateful for the help you gave me with lots of advice and methodology to expand my mission and vision of entrepreneurship. I felt very satisfied and amazed that we discussed about new tracks to explore, which I would never think of.

With your positive involvement, I have gained back my confidence and self-esteem to move on to the next level, along with much more clarity in my way of working. A BIG TRANSFORMATION has been made.

I highly recommend Stephen at 200% for his professionalism, active coaching, great involvement, kindness, time, openness of mind, innovative methods and much more than a normal coach can give."

Marie Minamba

"I would like to give my sincere endorsement of Stephen Soo as a business, profit and also a career goals coach. 

I had the opportunity to engage Stephen and have him work with me 1 on 1 for some executive and mindset coaching in early 2022 to help me expand my thinking and provide focus on where I'd like to head in the next stage of my career and other areas I'm passionate about.

After only a few sessions it was clear Stephen knows his craft as we were immediately able to implement strategies with instant results through his proprietary "road map" exercises which were highly effective and invaluable to my progress and upcoming ventures.

I'm glad to not only consider Stephen a professional coach and adviser but also a genuine and dear friend who shares similar values on integrity, personal development, success and optimism. However more importantly Stephen is also a true family man which I highly value and respect.

Thanks Stephen"

Louis Laurita

"Stephen you are an absolute legend!

Your workshop has been AMAZING! Before starting the workshop I have high hopes as I have seen other’s testimonials and I was not sure if I could double my profit.

However, this workshop has so much goodness in every session, and I have ended up with 163% profit increase. I absolutely smashed my goal of doubling my profit and could not be happier. I highly recommend to any business owners that want more profit, reach out to Stephen, do his workshop!"

Emily Edgeley

"Shout out to Stephen Soo who is an awesome profit coach!

I've just completed Stephen's Workshop and it was sooo insightful and mind-blowing. I have learnt so much and it has really change the way i think about profit. 

Coming into the workshop i didn't know what to expect. Now after 7 days with Stephen, I am amazed at what I could accomplish with all the tools Stephen shared with me, and a rewired mindset, I look forward to achieving a 51% profit increase!

I recommend all business owners to undertake Stephen's workshop to learn how you could improve your profit as well!"

Ronnie Cheung

"Hi Stephen, just wanted to say THANK YOU for your amazing business coaching over the last 3 months! 

Thanks to the strategies and techniques learned from you, including your psychology help, my business has grown by an unbelievable 700%!!"


Ivana Smith


If there's anything Stephen can do to support you on your business journey, or if you have any questions about any of Stephen's programs or workshop, please don't hesitate to get in touch.


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